Cisco Partner Support Agreement

With technology, and especially technology, on which your business processes rely a lot, it is important to keep your support active and up to date. However, this level of assistance is limited because you must be away from a distribution centre within four hours. Although we gladly help you with any problems you have, we calculate the time and the material unless you have a separate agreement with us. Cisco SmartNet Total Care is a support option to get the most out of your technology investments. Before you renew your contract, look at Cisco`s technical sheet for SmartNet, and if you have any questions, we`ll be happy to answer them. Without support, you rely on the best efforts of your IT team and are not entitled to spare parts or software updates. With this option, you can request your assistance from Cisco at any time, and you will receive your replacement equipment within 4 hours after Cisco has detected the error. In order to expand support for software and hardware after the first year, Cisco requires you to re-register for SmartNet Total Care technical support. Once your initial warranty for your hardware has expired, you can also extend the coverage of your hardware.

Whether it`s bent licences themselves or other Cisco software associated with the collaboration solution, software subscription gives you access to UPDATEs and SUPPORT from TAC. This support is important because it entitles you to updates. If you give up Cisco SmartNet for your call software, you`ll be increasingly vulnerable to attack for every update you miss. We always think it`s important to rely on your Cisco partner to get support. However, if you have a Cisco SmartNet contract, you can use Cisco`s support directly for the following three reasons. We would like to stress, however, that these benefits are separated from supporting the KR group or supporting other Cisco partners. SmartNet only provides support directly from Cisco. You know you have a Cisco technician to help you manage, help or replace/update and for problematic products. In many cases, when you implement a Cisco solution, you buy multiple parts of Cisco hardware and software. Your purchase includes a one-year warranty on hardware and registration for one year of Cisco`s technical support, SmartNet Total Care for your software. SmartNet Total Care is also available as software support. Orders, Offers, Returns, Deal Support, Service Contracts, Profile/Login, Tools Access, Training, Reporting and Partner Programs to Help.

All of these periods refer to the speed with which Cisco guarantees that you will get spare parts for any covered material. You can call Cisco at any time for assistance and go through troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem. This support is similar to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within four hours, but it guarantees delivery within two hours instead of four. The location requirements are even stricter to allow for a faster delivery time. This will be a higher upfront cost, but you can resize to 8 a.m. until 5pm.m., the next SmartNet Support business day, because you have backup hardware to have a switch. This is the most fundamental step in SmartNet support. You have access to Cisco`s Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) 24/7. If you find that you need replacement equipment, you guarantee delivery on the next business day if the hardware requirement is 15.00.m.

As a general rule, you can expect at least a few updates each year in your BE6K system. By making these upgrades, you`ll stay abreast of Cisco`s services and you`ll be essential to improving your network security. However, if you don`t have redundant servers and gateways, you`ll probably need to get your phones back into service as quickly as possible.