Employment Agreement Lawyer Wellington

For more than 15 years, we have represented employees in employment-related matters. As a result, our team has in-depth knowledge of employment practices and rights laws that employees can expect in the workplace. Whether it is an employer or an employee, we advise you on all aspects of labour law, including employment contracts, strategies, strategies, staff, dismissals, personal complaints and termination of employment. I`m Alan Knowsley and I lead a team of some of wellington`s best lawyers. I have many years of experience in labour law and I help people like you get the best result for them. Labour relations must be covered by an employment agreement. While there are standard conditions that are included, your agreement should be as clear as your business. It is worth getting professional advice to ensure that your agreement is tailored to the specifics of your business and that it is fully compliant with the law. Like labour law experts, we are experts in labour law. The only difference is that we can offer our services for a contingency fee, which means we will only charge you if we succeed.

Our dynamic team has extensive experience in New Zealand and internationally and provides skilled advice to workers and employers on a wide range of employment and litigation issues in different sectors. Cullen – Employment Law Firm is a specialized labour law firm with a large number of employer and employee clients. We have done so for both public and private sector employers, as well as individual employees. We are proud to have been one of the first 11 law firms in New Zealand to provide labour law services to government and the public sector. Our labour law team regularly helps employers and workers deal with all kinds of employment problems. We advise and support a number of issues, including minimum labour rights; Contract formation and disputes; Performance, discipline and redundancy issues; Personal complaints and all related cases. Dhilum is a lawyer with our RILAS team who has a special interest in immigration, privacy, employment, resource management and local government. She volunteers on the civic council and has three Tamariki. Dhilum supports survivors of domestic violence with visa applications and appeals to the Immigration and Protection Court. Our team of labour law officers provides timely and competent legal advice and strives to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, while providing efficient and cost-effective service.