Hotel Stay Agreement

The hotel is not responsible for losses, damages, deformations or other causes that are cases of force majeure. (4) The hotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the person applying for accommodation may use accommodation for gambling or other illegal purposes or to impair public morality. If the guest terminates all or part of the accommodation contract for reasons for which the guest is responsible (unless the hotel has requested payment of the deposit during the period covered by Article 3, paragraph 2, and if the customer has cancelled before payment), the customer must pay a cancellation fee, as shown in Table 2. However, if a special contract comes into effect under Article 4, paragraph 1, this only applies if, in the event of cancellation, the customer is informed of the obligation to pay the cancellation fee. The hotel is not responsible for the maintenance of the guest`s vehicle if the guest uses the parking lot in the hotel premises, since the hotel only offers space to park, whether the key to the vehicle has been deposited at the hotel or not. However, the hotel must compensate the guest for the hotel`s debit or negligence with regard to the management of the car park. A contract comes into effect from the date the hotel accepts the location to be stored until the date the hotel finds it has been recovered. The date on which the hotel finds that the item has been recovered is one month from the date on which the hotel receives the item to be kept. 3. After the hotel gives guests access to the rooms, even if they choose not to stay or use them, the hotel still charges guests the accommodation fee. If the agreement is not reached for other accommodations, the hotel pays the guest compensation equal to the cancellation fee, despite the provisions of the previous paragraph, and the compensation fee applies to repairs.

However, if the hotel is not able to provide accommodation for reasons for which the hotel is not responsible, the hotel will not be responsible for the hotel`s compensation. Guests must comply with the rules and regulations established by the hotel, which are parked on the hotel premises. The time of activity of the main establishments, etc., of the hotel is as follows, and that of the other establishments, etc., are communicated in detail by brochures as they are provided, communications that are posted in any place and by others. (13) The hotel is unable to accommodate the person who accepts accommodation due to a disaster, a failure of the facilities or other unavoidable reasons. 1. Guests do not allow other guests to stay at the hotel, make reservations or sell accommodation contracts or use the hotel facilities only without the hotel`s prior written consent. If the person recovering the stored item or the authorized third party retrieves the stored item, hotel staff must carefully confirm the identity of the recipient and return the stored items. In this case, the hotel is not responsible for the items stored. If the hotel deems it necessary, the hotel may change the terms and conditions of sale. If the Hotel decides to make such an amendment up to the date 1 month prior to the effective date of this amendment, the Hotel will consider this amendment, the amended terms of sale and its effective date on the homepage of Prince Hotels, Inc. ( if the hotel has accepted the formal application, in accordance with the previous article.