Roche Corporate Integrity Agreement

Two summers ago, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) made a lot of noise about the fact that it abolished sales-based compensation and bonuses for U.S.-based salespeople. Instead of rewarding the biggest sellers, a commercial bonus from 2011 would be determined in part by “customer feedback and respect for the company`s values of transparency, integrity, respect and patient guidance,” as stated in a July 26, 2010 press release. It is also interesting to note that the HHS-OIG still seems to be experimenting with creating sound monitoring rules. In the new CIA J-J, J-J will have the flexibility to develop approved surveillance plans for the final three years of the agreement. The provisions that seem to mark new inclusions are in yellow. We`ve also made this chart available for download. ICAs are a public resource that compliance managers should use to their advantage. The table below compares the provisions of 4 of the major CIA pharmaceutical companies since 2009, including Pfizer, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen (OMJ), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the latest Johnson-Johnson Agreement (JJ). According to PharmExecBlog, the CIA could push the sector to develop new business models. Big Pharma talks a lot about the changing business model and puts a new emphasis on patients, but the fact remains that the amount of drugs sold, not the quality of care, is how one is paid (and how to keep investors happy). Despite its egalitarian pitfalls, the health “ecosystem” is still dominated by the most skilled hunters, those who catch the most prey.

However, new provisions included in the business integrity agreements between the government and Pharma – GSK is the youngest victim – could force companies to change their model or pay the price. In an exclusive interview with GIR, the Airbus GC provides a behind-the-scenes look at the process to agree on the largest foreign corruption solution to date, discusses its thoughts on self-reporting, provides more details on who is mandated to handle the company`s approval agreement with the Department of Foreign Affairs, and much more. In addition, CIA companies should be aware that HHS-OIG can enforce CIA rules through criminal prosecutions, fines, sanctions, additional CIA, exclusion and, ultimately, forced surrender. When Skadden`s lawyers reported that HHS-OIG Church Street Health Management forced to sell one of its dental clinics within 90 days to avoid excluding companies from federal programs, Skadden found that “this is the first time in a health fraud case that OIG has used the forced sale of a corporate subsidiary to repair the CIA`s compliance discrepancies.” Roche is a member of numerous pharmaceutical and diagnostic/medical device associations and adheres to the self-regulated code of conduct, including iFPMA, EFPIA, MedTech Europe, APACMed, MecoMed. Even at the local level, Roche`s partners are often members of local associations, such as Interpharma.B, ScienceIndustries, Advamed US, Advamed China. In the publication, Deirdre Connelly, President of GSK, North American Drugs, “Doctors have told us that they want to see fewer distribution professionals, and those who see them need to offer more value in improving patient health.