Facility Management Agreement Template

Managed contracts. “managed contract,” any third-party agreement to which a company`s entity or affiliate is a party and for which the supplier assumes responsibility for management in relation to services, including all agreements called “managed contracts” (description of services) or an order applicable to Schedule A. “Managed contracts” do not include contracts awarded. 13.12 Co-employment; Common employers; Common law employees. The supplier recognizes that some or all staff may be assigned or assigned to work in business establishments. The supplier also recognizes that some or all employees are former employees of the company. Finally, with respect to staff related to the staff covered in this section 13.12, and in particular all supplier staff, the supplier recognizes the risk that these staff may attempt to assert rights based on the assertion (i) that companies and suppliers are their common employers; (ii) that companies and suppliers are their co-employers; and/or (iii) that they are employees of the common law of the company. The supplier does everything in its power to provide its staff with appropriate supervision, evaluation and feedback and, where appropriate, monitors and evaluates the operation of the claimant`s staff while they are in charge of working in a business facility and does everything in its power to ensure that no supplier staff is monitored, directed or controlled directly or indirectly by company staff. When the supplier or one of its employees finds that the staff is being monitored, directed or controlled directly or indirectly by company staff, the supplier immediately informs the company and takes all necessary steps, including coordination with the company`s management staff, to stop this oversight, management or control. 25.4 Additional safeguards and agreements related to compliance with legal provisions. The provider ensures, guarantees and commits to abledies and experience in providing services of the type provided for by this agreement and (ii) familiar with applicable service laws, including, but without limitation, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 and its application, established in the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.). Parts 160 and 164, the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act and the provisions adopted accordingly, as well as current good clinical practices and current good laboratory practices (within the meaning of applicable laws).