Leaving Early Agreement

Don`t leave the property or pass the keys through your landlord`s mailbox after making a deal. • If you wish to leave the property prematurely, but your landlord will not end the tenancy, you have the right, in accordance with the terms of the lease, to sublet the property or to host a tenant to honor the bills while you do not live in the property. Many landlords will want to find a new tenant before agreeing to end your temporary AST prematurely. You can help you and your landlord by: • Periodic rental – Your rental agreement continues indefinitely and your rent is paid periodically, normally per month or four weeks A discount is a voluntary agreement between the landlord and tenant for the lease to be terminated. A discount terminates the rental agreement, whether for a temporary or periodic period. It must be agreed by “deed”. To terminate a periodic rental agreement, you must check the terms of the contract. The termination of the lease can take place at any time, but must end on the right day, i.e. the first or last day of a rental period. It`s not necessarily the same date you pay your rent to your landlord. You will find your landlord`s address on your lease or rental book.

Ask your landlord for their details if you can`t find them – they need to give you the information. • Temporary Lease Agreement – Your lease expires on a specific date. Some fixed-term contracts stipulate that the lease becomes a periodic lease at the end of the limited term, unless you agree to another fixed term or notice is given. If the temporary lease is not converted into a periodic rental contract, it could become a legal lease example: the loss of rent until the relocation of the property or until the end of the lease. If you rent a property for a temporary AST, you are required to pay your rent for the duration of the lease. Normally, you can stop paying the rent and prematurely terminate your lease if: Tenants who wish to leave a rental agreement prematurely must be informed of the risks associated with it. There is a good chance that they will lose their deposit and there is a good chance that the landlord will be able to take legal action against them or against a deposit provided by the tenant to ensure that the tenant is ordered to pay the rent during the period when the property was empty. As soon as new tenants move into the property, the obligation for the former tenant to pay the rent ends.

Tenants must always seek advice before breaking their lease. The advice is available online at www.housingadviceNI.org or by phone at 028 9024 5640. If you have a common periodic lease, you can terminate your rental agreement without the agreement of the other tenants, unless your rental agreement provides otherwise. It is important to know that if you finish your rental, it ends for everyone. • Make sure your rental agreement ends on the right day Check your lease to find out how much termination you need to give – you may need to give more than the minimum listing. You don`t have to terminate to say you`re leaving on the last day of your fixed term, unless your lease says you have to. • Legal periodic rental – Your fixed-term lease has expired, but you continue to live in the property without agreeing on a date when the lease will end. Make sure your letter clearly states the date you will be moving..